Tribute to Oma, Pride of Gesha Auction 2021



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Auction Date and Time

The auction will be held on the 1st July 2021

  • 01:00am Los Angeles
  • 04:00am New York
  • 05:00am Sao Paulo
  • 09:00am London
  • 11:00am Riyadh
  • 15:00pm Jakarta
  • 16:00pm Shanghai
  • 17:00pm Tokyo
  • 18:00pm Sydney

Overall Auction Description

Lot: GVA.RSV.1

Score: 92.67

Lot: GVA.RSV.2

Score: 91.97

Lot: GVA.RSV.3

Score: 91.58

Lot: GVA.RSV.4

Score: 91.50

Lot: GVA.RSV.5

Score: 91.42

Lot: GVA.RSV.6

Score: 91.25

Lot: GVA.RSV.7

Score: 90.83

Lot: GVA.1

Score: 90.58

Lot: GVA.2

Score: 90.25

Lot: GVA.3

Score: 90.16

Lot: GVA.4

Score: 90.06

Lot: GVA.5

Score: 89.88

Lot: GVA.6

Score: 89.75

Lot: GVA.7

Score: 89.65

Lot: GVA.8

Score: 89.55

Lot: GVA.9

Score: 89.34

Lot: GVA.10

Score: 89.25

Lot: GVA.11

Score: 89.05

Lot: GVA.12

Score: 88.75

Lot: GVA.13

Score: 88.55

Lot: GVA.14

Score: 88.10


Champions Reserve

GVA.RSV.1aGesha 193192.670132.28lbs$0.25$90.25/lb$11,938.27Oma Gesha 1931 Mossto Fermentation HoneySAZA COFFEE FINISHED
GVA.RSV.1bGesha 193192.670132.28lbs$0.25$88.00/lb$11,640.64Oma Gesha 1931 Mossto Fermentation HoneyGrand Cru Coffee (China) for Horizon Coffee FINISHED
GVA.RSV.2aGesha 1931Natural91.970132.28lbs$0.25$38.75/lb$5,125.85Narsha Gesha 1931 NaturalAzura The Coffee Company (Sama Hospitality and Business LLC) FINISHED
GVA.RSV.2bGesha 1931Natural91.970132.28lbs$0.25$40.00/lb$5,291.20Narsha Gesha 1931 NaturalAzura The Coffee Company (Sama Hospitality and Business LLC) FINISHED
GVA.RSV.3aGesha 193191.580132.28lbs$0.25$34.50/lb$4,563.66Oma Gesha 1931 WashedREACTION Coffee Roasters FINISHED
GVA.RSV.3bGesha 193191.580132.28lbs$0.25$34.75/lb$4,596.73Oma Gesha 1931 WashedPassenger FINISHED
GVA.RSV.4aGesha 193191.50132.28lbs$0.25$32.30/lb$4,272.64Oma Gesha 1931 Mossto Fermentation ; HUYU COFFEE; L'escargot d'or cosmetocafe ; TOB Coffee ;Meebz Coffee FINISHED
GVA.RSV.4bGesha 193191.50132.28lbs$0.25$33.75/lb$4,464.45Oma Gesha 1931 Mossto Fermentation ; Mavis Co. ; Gee Coffee ; C&B Coffee Roasters FINISHED
GVA.RSV.5aGesha 1931Natural91.420132.28lbs$0.25$27.25/lb$3,604.63Oma Gesha 1931 NaturalBigblackbox / Bluekoff FINISHED
GVA.RSV.5bGesha 1931Natural91.420132.28lbs$0.25$30.00/lb$3,968.40Oma Gesha 1931 NaturalChernyi Cooperative FINISHED
GVA.RSV.6aGesha 1931Natural91.250132.28lbs$0.25$31.50/lb$4,166.82Narsha Gesha 1931 NaturalBigblackbox / Bluekoff FINISHED
GVA.RSV.6bGesha 1931Natural91.250132.28lbs$0.25$31.25/lb$4,133.75Narsha Gesha 1931 NaturalPassenger FINISHED
GVA.RSV.7aGori Gesha90.830132.28lbs$0.25$26.75/lb$3,538.49Shewa-Jibabu Gori Gesha Aerobic Fermentation NaturalRogue Wave Coffee FINISHED
GVA.RSV.7bGori Gesha90.830132.28lbs$0.25$26.75/lb$3,538.49Shewa-Jibabu Gori Gesha Aerobic Fermentation NaturalA.O.P COFFEEROASTERS FINISHED

Farm Reserve

GVA.1Gesha 1931Natural90.580132.28lbs$0.25$60.50/lb$8,002.94Narsha Gesha 1931 NaturalBLACK GOLD SPECIALTY COFFEE & OKLAO SPECIALTY COFFEE (TAIWAN) FINISHED
GVA.2Illubabor Forest90.250264.55lbs$0.25$21.00/lb$5,555.55Gaylee Illubabor Forest Aerobic Fermentation NaturalGSC International FINISHED
GVA.3Gesha 1931Honey90.160264.55lbs$0.25$24.50/lb$6,481.48Surma Gesha 1931 HoneyJune's Garden Coffee, Grand Cru Coffee (China) FINISHED
GVA.4Gesha 193190.060264.55lbs$0.25$23.75/lb$6,283.06Oma Gesha 1931 Mossto Fermentation NaturalC&B Coffee Roasters ;; Gee Coffee FINISHED
GVA.5Gesha 193189.880264.55lbs$0.25$22.00/lb$5,820.10Oma Gesha 1931 Mossto Fermentation HoneyCloudpink FINISHED
GVA.6Gesha 193189.750264.55lbs$0.25$21.75/lb$5,753.96Oma Gesha 1931 Carbonic Fermentation NaturalCOFFEE COUNTY FINISHED
GVA.7Gesha 1931Honey89.650264.55lbs$0.25$25.25/lb$6,679.89Oma Gesha 1931 Honey5fcoffeelab, MARISSTELLA COFFEE FINISHED
GVA.8Gesha 193189.550264.55lbs$0.25$25.00/lb$6,613.75Narsha Gesha 1931 WashedCoffee Me Up (Korea), JM COFFEE, Cuppingpost FINISHED
GVA.9Gori Gesha89.340264.55lbs$0.25$21.35/lb$5,648.14Bangi Gori Gesha Aerobic Fermentation NaturalA.O.P COFFEEROASTERS FINISHED
GVA.10Gesha 1931Natural89.250176.37lbs$0.25$24.75/lb$4,365.16Narsha Gesha 1931 NaturalREACTION Coffee Roasters FINISHED
GVA.11Gesha 1931Natural89.050264.55lbs$0.25$23.50/lb$6,216.93Oma Gesha 1931 NaturalMONOSCOPE (힝구다~ 힝구!! 믕겔~) FINISHED
GVA.12Gesha 193188.750264.55lbs$0.25$30.25/lb$8,002.64Oma Gesha 1931 Carbonic Fermentation NaturalCraft Coffee Roaster / Koko Coffee Roasters FINISHED
GVA.13Gesha 1931Natural88.550264.55lbs$0.25$20.00/lb$5,291.00Surma Gesha 1931 NaturalBLACK GOLD SPECIALTY COFFEE & OKLAO SPECIALTY COFFEE (TAIWAN) FINISHED
GVA.14Gesha 1931Natural88.10264.55lbs$0.25$21.00/lb$5,555.55Oma Gesha 1931 NaturalPebble Coffee (Taiwan), Simple Kaffa (Taiwan), Kakalove (Taiwan) & Urban Coffee Roaster (HK) FINISHED